Everything You Need to Know About M5 LED Christmas Lights

The M5 Mini Christmas LED Lights are a decorative light that is characterized as having a twinkle due to their diamond-shaped, faceted bulbs. While they have a look that is similar to the traditional incandescent, M5 mini Christmas LED lights have much energy efficient utilization. In fact, the M5 LED light typically conserves somewhere between 95% and 98% more energy then incandescent light bulbs.

The classic M5 mini LED lights package typically has 50 lights that can come in colors of warm white, cool white, pure white, red, green, blue, and multi-color. M5 mini Christmas lights are many times referred to as twinkle lights or fairy lights due to being so small, but yet offering a bright luminosity. The most popular use for the M5 mini light is for decorating Christmas trees, outdoor landscaping, and indoor accents for windows, fireplaces or banisters. However, they also have many other uses as well. You can use them as decoration for events like pool parties or wedding receptions.

Van Dusen M5 LED Christmas Lights
M5 & Mini LED Lights on Display in VanDusen Gardens

Mini LED Lights on Display in VanDusen Gardens

Technology of the M5 mini light advanced in recent years. In the past, LED mini lights had problems  that ranged from wiring issues to bulbs that would quickly burnout. However, most of those issues have been fixed in today’s M5 mini LED lights. For example, a common problem that once plagued LED mini lights were its inability to have a strand stay lighted after a single bulb would burn out. However, the invention of the internal shunt changed this.

The shunt on the M5 mini Christmas light bulbs is a wire that goes around the inside of the bulb’s filament that makes the electricity go through the wire. With this protection in place, a bulb can burn out, but still pass electricity to the remaining lights on the strand. However, the bulb does need to remain in the bulb holder and must be tightened completely; otherwise the electricity flow will not be able to occur throughout the stand.

The M5 mini lights come in 4” spacing lengths, but that is not exactly what it means if you are looking for perfect measurements for distance. Usually a 4” spacing actually means the light has a 4” cut, and will make the spaces between your lights anywhere from 3.5” to 4”.

When putting the M5 mini lights together, it is recommended that you do not connect over four strands as that can cause problems with the lights due to requiring to much power from a single outlet. In which case, having too many lights strung together can cause your light strands to go out.

The main unique components of the M5 mini light are its socket and bulb holder. Since these are not universal, you really should not mix and match separate brands with different colors of bulbs. Instead, the M5 mini Christmas light should only be replaced with bulbs from the same brand.

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